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Studying MBBS abroad provides a large scope for learning. MCI recognised Universities make it easy to acquire your license.

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The United States of America (USA) is a federal constitutional republic made up of 50 states (48 continental states, plus Alaska and Hawaii the two newest states) and one federal district - Washington, D.C., the capital district. The country is situated in the central southern part of North America almost entirely in the western hemisphere. The USA is the world's foremost economic and military power, with global interests and an unmatched global reach. The country is also a major source of entertainment: American TV, Hollywood films, jazz, blues, rock and rap music are primary ingredients in global popular culture.

Education is a crucial weapon in the US provided by several institutions which follow similar curricula and teaching strategies, unified by the competent state organism. US is known to run on a tight immigration policy yet everyday it welcomes international students from all around the world into their educational facilities.

Education System in USA

MBBS in USA is a wise decision for Indian students because medical programs in the United States of America are worth valued. It is a dream of many Indian students to study in USA. MBBS in USA is more focused on practical knowledge than just theoretical learning. Studying MBBS in USA will be an enriching experience for students with expertise, knowledge and skills they gain through the course.

If one wants to set up an exceptional medical profession anywhere in the world then he/she can go for MBBS in USA. Though the medical education system in USA is completely different than most of the European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia or Asian countries like China and Philippines, after a student completes his PG degree in medical in USA, he/she does not need to give any exam to practice in India.

The duration of the MBBS course in USA is different than the standard course duration in other countries.

In USA, MBBS is known as MD (Doctor of medicine).

After completing a 4 years bachelor degree a student gets qualified as MD.

The medical colleges in USA have a residency program where students can choose their respective areas of specialization after completing MD, which is of 3-4 years. A residency program is nothing but a PG level program. The duration of the residency program depends upon the specialization chosen by the student. Because different specializations take different time period to complete. A General surgeon requires 5 years whereas Pediatrics requires 3 years, on the other hand a Neurosurgeon needs 7 years.

During the course years, students need to give USMLE exams 1, 2 and 3 at appropriate steps. After USMLE exam 3, the student’s MBBS degree gets completed. And hence, the total course duration of a MBBS course in USA is between 7 to 9 years.

Students who want to get an admission in a top medical college in USA, students should fit in the following eligibility criteria:

  • He/she should have obtained minimum 50% marks in 12th standard from any recognized Indian central or State Board with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects.
  • If the percentage of a particular student are less than 50% then they have to give the Entrance test.
  • If the student does not have Biology, Physics and Chemistry at their 12th standard then they need to go through a pre medical year.
  • Good scores in IELTS or TOEFL are required as a proof of English proficiency.
  • Medical universities in the US offer globally recognized degrees accepted everywhere.
  • Medial students in the US are trained as a workforce for countries like the US and Canada.
  • Shorter course duration: 4 to 5.5 years for 12th passed Indian students Top-ranked medical colleges and universities
  • MCAT scores are not required
  • TOEFL/IELTS is not mandatory in many universities.
  • Excellent USMLE training during the course.
  • Indians run many medical universities in the US with hundreds of Indian students.
  • Thousands of Indian medical graduates are already working in top hospitals in the country making it easier for Indian students to settle.
  • High-quality lifestyle
  • Multi-cultural society
  • The weather conditions in the US are ideal for studying medical courses for Indians.
  • Shortage of trained doctors in the US also attracts Indian medical students.
  • Higher Visa Success rate and lesser documents required

  • Quality of medical education in USA is excellent. If one wants to be an expert doctor then he/she should choose MBBS in USA.
  • MBBS colleges in USA have a noticeable and high reputation all around the world.
  • Doctors from USA have great demand and respect all over the world.
  • The medical education in USA is taught completely in English medium.
  • To secure admission to MBBS course in USA, students are not required to pay any additional capitation fees other than the course fees.
  • Students who study MBBS in USA and want to practice in India are not required to give any MCI Screening Test.
  • Many of the top medical universities in USA offer scholarship facilities to international students which depend on the merit of the student.
  • Students can seek a part time job while studying medicine in USA.
  • Top medical colleges in USA offer stipend to students from the beginning of the MBBS program in USA.